Muse – ‘The 2nd Law’

9 Oct

Muse have always been considered as one the country’s biggest bands. Their immense sound has always pushed the boundaries of any genre that presently invades the mainstream airwaves, and experiments to the point that it is almost unrecognisable. The trio’s latest record is no exception. Becoming their fourth number one album, ‘The 2nd Law’ calls upon dubstep to illustrate their apocalyptic ideas, taking the wobbly and static noise and moulding it into a tasteful cinematic form.

The album is made-up of chaos. The soundscapes boarder on epic as they trample through every genre with fierce energy below Matthew Bellamy’s taunting and versatile vocals. Apocalyptic imagery of disorder coincides with the dangerous beauty of hope as the lyrics both exploit current global crises whilst seeking solutions; Muse are championing themselves as saviours.  “This chaos, it defies imagination … you’ve arrived at panic station’ Bellamy sings within the funky and upbeat ‘Panic Station‘, a track that adopts a more punk-rock sound that brighten-up the otherwise gloomy atmosphere. Just as in ‘Animals‘, the trio exploit the instability of human behaviour, possibly pulling in influence from the London riots and the terror in Libya. However, it is not all negativity, as ‘Follow Me‘ and the official Olympic anthem, ‘Survival‘ offers comfort and overwhelmingly influential determination; “I choose to survive. Whatever it takes!”

Aesthetically gritty, yet fastidious, the album’s energy is electrifying. Definitely one worth checking out.


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