Psy – ‘Gangnam Style’

1 Oct

I am going to be honest. I am slightly disturbed by yesterday’s chart update in which Psy’s internet sensation, ‘Gangnam Style‘, finally became a number one single in ten countries across the globe. It is no secret that Kpop (South Korean pop) has been gradually invading the western airwaves, but Psy’s success came at us like a nuclear bomb. Captivating numerous artists, including Katy Perry and Maroon 5, ‘Gangnam Style‘ started as an internet craze that, thanks to Twitter, managed to get licensing for official release world-wide.

The single is far from a  masterpiece  but it is, admittedly  a perfectly constructed pop song. A floor-filler with pre-choreographed dance moves that mimic horse-riding, ‘Gangnam Style‘ is quite possibly the biggest party anthem of 2012; ‘Starships‘ has nothing on this. An energetic synthetic soundscape provides the club-like atmosphere, with infectious beats below Psy’s comically honest raps to get feet moving. Its repetitiveness and simplicity work well in the current charts but it is its catchyness that drills the English lyrics into your head. It will have you running about on an invisible horse singing out “HEY SEXY LADY! O! O! O! O! Oppa Gangnam Style!”.

For those who have no idea what Psy is rapping about, here is a little summary:- ‘Gangnam-gu‘ is the fat-cat district of South Korea’s capital city, Seoul and. ‘Oppa‘ is a form of our ‘Mr’, so simply it is a way of women showing older men respect. In the single, Psy-oppa is trying to seduce a girl by exploiting his own rich lifestyle. Nothing extraordinary.

The whole song and music video rely heavily on its goofiness, and should not be taken seriously. It is only a bit of fun that may help boost interest in the effervescent South Korean music industry. ‘Gangnam Style‘ is far from the best piece of Kpop out there, but it is definitely one of the most entertaining pieces.

Check out the music video below whilst I go listen to something a little less evil.


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