The Killers – ‘Battle Born’

24 Sep

The past two or three weeks have seen an immense battle take place on the album charts with comeback after comeback. Nostalgia has taken control of the airwaves with the return of P!nk, No Doubt, Green Day and more. But one comeback in particular has left this  music-fan weak at the knees.

Bruce Springsteen meets Meatloaf as Las Vegas-based rock-band, The Killers, attempt to remake the classic American-rock  record in a time of sythentic soundscapes and empty verses. Lyrically thrilling with alluring melodies and epic soundscapes, ‘Battle Born‘  easily became the band’s fourth number one album upon its release last week. Far from the energetic anthem, ‘Mr Brightside’, the record tracklist is alive with urgency and nostalgia set against a dazzling Las Vegas backdrop, pulling the band away from the pop-indie boundary and into a more classic and edgy sound beneath the crumbling umbrella of the rock genre.

The outstanding, ‘Flesh and Bones‘, opens the album with stunning lines, such as “I’ve gone through life white-knuckle” and “Cut from the cloth of a flag that bares the name ‘battle born'”. This fierce determination remains consistent, even during the intimate and mellow ballads; ‘Be Still‘ being the most striking. “Don’t break character/You’ve got so much heart” Brandon Flowers sings out, leaving a trail of goosebumps. ‘Battle Born‘, finishes the album in this same motivational, retrospective attitude alive with an electrifying soundscape; “When they knock you down/ You’re gonna get back on your feet!” However, romance still dances among the assertive attitude followed by desperation and regret. In ‘The Way It Was‘ and ‘Here With Me‘, Flowers remembers loves past in a touchingly hopeless-romantic tone; “Sometimes a dream, it doesn’t come true.”

An aggressive attitude leads the majority of the album, alongside the more gentle romances that tug on the heart-strings. Emotionally exhausting, ‘Battle Born‘ is probably my favourite album by the quartet. The post-card imagery and spellbound melodies are sure to enchant any thoughtful listener.


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