G-Dragon – ‘One Of A Kind’ EP

18 Sep

BIGBANG’s controversial leader has returned in full confidence with a brand new collection of solo material. Considerably one of Kpop’s most colourful characters, G-dragon has found influence all around the world; especially in the West after the group’s big win at last years EMAs. The EP, titled ‘One Of A Kind‘, is nothing we were not expecting. Whilst remaining true to himself, GD has experimented with various sounds and styles to make it a crazy but most enjoyable collection. We see GD as a chameleon, bouncing between aggression and romance, and adapting himself to multiple genres whilst producing equally colourful soundscape and lyrics. The romances are delicate and stunning, whilst the party anthems are outrageous and artistic; but which side of the rapper/singer will you prefer?

1. ‘One Of A Kind‘ – The EP’s title track opens with an electrifying hip-hop piece that is just as colourful as GD himself whilst the soundscape vibrates with energetic percussions and skittery sonic synths. With lines such as “I’m just wild and young” and “Yes, I’m one of a kind”, the BIGBANG leader partakes in a victory-lap as he celebrates not only his success but also embraces his artistic individuality.

2. ‘Crayon‘ – Another crazy electric hip-hop concoction follows with more artistic championing as GD calls for listeners to “Get your crayon”. The use of ‘crayon’ is a childish image that only builds upon the psychedelic soundscape and carefree atmosphere pushed by a  YOLO-esque attitude. Taking inspiration from Heath Ledger’s Joker, he asks “Why So Serious?”. Lose yourself in this bass-laden dance anthem and go crazy. Check out GD’s killer comeback performance at Inkigayo here!

3. ‘Without You‘ – With the help of a mystery female vocalist (set to appear in YG’s new girl group), GD abruptly slows things down with some heartache. Opening with his boyish delicate vocals, he sings “Love is painful … pain’s beautiful, the same as you.” Merging an alluring R&B attitude with a pop-ballad soundscape led by a twinkling piano below the determined drum-beats, GD is in a seductively weakened state beside the stunning female vocals. It is, all-in-all, a beautiful song.

4. ‘That XX‘ – The soundscape becomes minimal with a lonely acoustic guitar setting the tone. GD ‘s raw vocals are captivating alongside the melody as he sings about his frustration. Echoing a Bruno Mars influence, he keeps it authentic in comparison with the synthetic openings. Although embodying anger, it is laid-back and calm with emphasis on the heartache.

5. ‘Missing You‘ (Ft. Kim Yuna) – Hip-hop meets a smooth jazzy soundscape that boarders on nostalgic. Living as in an uncertain day-dream, GD and Yuna sing of an emptiness in their lives left by a lost love. Indeed it is dreamy and easy to listen to, but the female vocals are striking enough to maintain a listener’s attention.

6. ‘Today‘ (Ft. Kim Jongwan) – The Western version of the EP closes in a glorious glow as GD embarks on a final – but less aggressive – victory lap. With the dreamy vocals of Jongwan lost to GD’s youthful explosions, the song has a yo-yo effect that sums up the rest of the EP perfectly. GD returns to the carefree and joyful state from the opening as he sings out, “I’m rocking my life away!” The choir-sequence provides an anthemic atmosphere that is infectiously uplifting.

The EP is available for purchase on iTunes now. Go check it out!


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