Charlee Drew – ‘You Did Me A Favour’

16 Sep

He is a singer, songwriter, pianist, guitarist and a producer. Using his own words, Leicester-born Charlee Drew is “the package“. Supported by Ed Sheeran and Lemar, Drew is one to watch as he is readying to move out of the background and work his way into the charts. ‘You Did Me A Favour‘ is the 21 year-old’s début single and EP that are already available on iTunes.

With his influence rooted in pop-sensation, Justin Timberlake, Drew makes use of the powerful R&B beats that subtly add to the drama alongside the aggressive lyrics. However, unlike the synth-laden ‘Cry Me a River’, Drew produces a more authentic sound that  instead relies on a twinkling piano melody and seductive acoustics below a bass-driven chorus. Vocally, Drew is on par with the likes of  recent chart-topper Conor Maynard, as it carries a youthful-twang whilst remaining pristine. The overall sound is full of attitude and energy whilst the lyrics are full of accusations and cynical amusement; “You don’t have to pack your bags/ ’cause I already did it!”

Echoing Timberlake’s smooth charisma and Sheeran’s edgy youth, ‘You Did Me A Favour‘ is a strong début that has unfortunately received very little air-time. Check it out below!


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