Flo Rida – ‘I Cry’

7 Sep

Like most mainstream artists, Flo Rida has spent the majority of his career dancing up and down the charts all around the world with his carefree floor-fillers. The latest cut from his fourth studio album, ‘Wild Ones‘, is set to only enforce the rapper’s popularity as it climbs up into the top 10 on the iTunes charts before its ‘official’ release.

Featuring the same seductive summer-fun nostalgia seen in singles such as ‘Whistle‘ and the David Guetta collaboration, ‘Club Can’t Handle Me‘, ‘I Cry‘ is one to add to your party playlist. Although just a regurgitation of the effects used in his other dance-hits, ‘I Cry‘ has a beat that cannot be ignored and a catchy chorus that provides an effervescent anthemic vibe. This Brenda Russell collaboration contains meaningless lyrics that will, without a doubt, be belted out in the middle of a club as the jittery and sonic soundscape disturbs the airwaves.

Whether you’re working out or getting ready to dance the  night away, Flo Rida’s latest is bound to get your heart-racing. So loosen up and check it out below. Let the weekend begin!


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