Simple Plan – ‘Summer Paradise’ (Ft. Sean Paul)

5 Sep

The last time I heard anything by the Canadian rock band, Simple Plan, was back in my early teens when I’d blast their 2004 emo-hit single ‘Welcome To My Life‘ from my CD playe. Unfortunately the band fell into the background as I discovered other bands and music genres. However, as I browsed the iTunes charts over the the weekend I was reminded of their existence. Just like their 2004 audience they have, quite arguably, grown-up and altered their style; catering for a wider and happier set of music lovers.

Lurking in the top twenty, Simple Plan’s collaboration with Sean Paul is pushing the band from a less alternative environment and into a more mainstream one. A movement similar to Maroon 5, the band seem to have abandoned the teenage angst for a more radio-friendly and upbeat sound that echoes boy groups and pop-bands such as Lawson or Train. With Sean Paul’s reggae beats leading the way, ‘Summer Paradise‘ is a laid-back post-summer song filled with romantic reminiscing. The soundscape is alive with playful percussions and acoustics that will have listeners dreaming of the distant Hawaiian beaches or craving the colourful Caribbean night-life.

With the kids back at school and the nights getting colder, everyone is suffering from some sort of post-summer blues. ‘Summer Paradise‘ seeks to cure the depression with its catchy melody and optimistic vibe. The dreamy tune is a dramatic change from ‘Welcome To My Life‘, but with the song’s chart positioning, I don’t think anyone will really miss their emo-days.


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