Nina Nesbitt – ‘Boy’

3 Sep

After supporting Ed Sheeran and Example, Nina Nesbitt has revealed what looks to be her début single ready for a September 9th release. ‘Boy‘ received its first radio airplay last week thanks to Fearne Cotton, and has been embraced with greater positivity than seen with April’s EP, ‘The Apple Tree‘ that topped the iTunes singer/songwriter charts.

Upbeat and honest, ‘Boy‘ is bound for success. A catchy folk-spirit and aggressive indie soundscape merges together to create a bouncy and playful atmosphere that is difficult to ignore. The percussions dance about whilst the guitars and discreet piano skip along to a pleasant rhythm. Reminiscent of Mumford & Sons’Little Lion Man‘ the infectious beat and catchy melody gives the song a light-heartedness despite the less than cheerful subject. The lyrics are built up by frustration and are amusingly honest as Nesbitt confronts her, apparently, useless boyfriend; “Well I’m sorry to be honest, but this love is no good boy/And I’m sorry you’re drunk on it, but you’re making me annoyed.”

The 18 year-old has a lot  talent that will soon have her catching-up Ed Sheeran when she graduates from university, if not before. Check out the single below.


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