Ellie Goulding’s ‘Anything Could Happen’

23 Aug

English singer-songwriter, Ellie Goulding, dominated the charts two years ago with her début but has managed to keep climbing up and down the charts across the pond. The 25 year old has been on an incredible journey with ‘Lights‘, propelled forward by her cover of Elton John’ sYour Love‘ which she performed for last year’s royal wedding. This October, Goulding will release a second album titled ‘Halcyon‘ which has excited her fans around the globe. Her cover of Active Child’sHanging On‘ featuring Tine Tempah was revealed as a free download to celebrate the announcement of a new album, but there are no signs of the single making it onto the record. ‘Anything Could Happen‘ is the first official cut that will –  hopefully – be hitting the UK charts in September.

Conforming to her usual dreamy synth-pop style, the drum beats are sleepy and the piano is almost missed but the synths are skittery in the trance-like chorus which wakens up the atmosphere. The producers have let Goulding’s soprano vocals glow at the front of the soundscape so a listener’s full focus is on her lyrics. The contrast between the powerful imagery in her lyrics and the dull musical backdrop does prove striking but falls victim to the label ‘boring’. There is nothing entirely captivating as the opening lacks character and it is not until after the first loop of the instrumental chorus that the soundscape gains any momentum. Lyrically, the single cannot be faulted – it could even make a lovely poem – as Goulding bounces between bitterness  and optimism. It is difficult not to listen when she starts singing as there is something quite beautiful about the verses. The repeated line “anything could happen” builds upon the atmosphere, exuding hope. It is not love lost, but love found in starting a new life.

Despite the weak soundscape, the dreamy vocals and strong lyrics make it a a great song to end the Summer with. The retrospective tone lacks any regret so it is bound to make you smile and ready to face the cold winter because, quite simply, anything could happen.

The music video was supported by her Instagram fans who posted photos inspired by the lyrics. Check it out below, it is quite lovely.


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