Plan B: ‘Deepest Shame’

20 Aug

ill Manors’ went on to be his second number one album, acting as the soundtrack to the highly rated film of the same name. Plan B has seen both musical and cinematic success with the project in which he attempts to bring to light the realities of modern-day London street-life.  Although considered significantly controversial, Plan B has managed to gain support from numerous musicians, including Ed Sheeran and Labrinth, who helped boost the promotions and awareness of the project. The first single, ‘ill Manors’, peaked at number 6 in the charts but the latest cut hopes to reach a higher position.

Inspired by last Summer’s London riots, ‘ill Manors‘ is a very aggressive, politically charged single that appears to be hypocritically one-sided and stubborn, but ‘Deepest Shame’ shows a weakness and an ability to actually empathise, making it beautifully sensitive in comparison. Following the film character Michelle, Plan B imagines the psychological trauma the prostitute has endured and grows to pity her. “There’s no way back from here,” he sings in the soulful chorus, bringing an overwhelming sense of hopelessness to the already heart-breaking tune. The lyrics are touching and painfully heartfelt but also incredibly disturbing; “Abused as a child / She was always going to end up this way”. The soundscape flows with the lyrics perfectly with a timid acoustic guitar hiding beneath the dominate drums and the aloof piano that gives it a haunting edge.

Deepest Shame‘ is a very powerful and soulful tune that demands attention. It is easier to listen to than Plan B’s previous hip-hop beats but still one be taken with a pinch of salt. The single will see an official release September 2nd. Make sure to watch the captivating music video below.


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