Example’s ‘Say Nothing’

15 Aug

Since his monster hit ‘Changed The Way You Kissed Me‘ dominated the charts last year, singer/rapper, Example, has seen his material bounce up and down the charts. His third album, ‘Playing In The Shadows’ peaked at number one but his other singles never managed to break into the top twenty. However, his recent collaboration with Calvin Harris, ‘We’ll Be Coming Home‘, managed to peak at number two just in time for Example to drop the first cut from his upcoming album, ‘The Evolution of Man‘.

After tweeting that he found inspiration in Kasabian, there has been mixed feelings about the new single titled ‘Say Nothing‘. Following the synth laden dance tracks, this latest piece has a slight indie appeal to it that’s reminiscent of The Killers. Guitars are the dominating feature of the soundscape but the melodic synths are still at the front of the huge chorus. The riffs add a tasteful dose of edge to the track whilst the hooks and keyboards keep it mainstream and radio-friendly as the dance-floor feel remains stubborn. Lyrically, the songs falls victim to some bad grammar as Example uses numerous double-negatives, “You don’t have to say nothing”, against more thoughtful expressions such as “your eyes do the talking”. Overall, there is a powerful anthemic atmosphere that is typical of the London artist; fans will sing out without thinking.

Due for release September 16th, ‘Say Nothing‘ has the potential to do well in the charts. Example has taken a risk with his slight sound alteration and poor grammar but it is nevertheless a good song that will go down extraordinarily well at live shows.


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