P!nk’s ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)’

9 Aug

Pop’s original bad girl will be seeing a return after giving birth to her first child last year. P!nk is set to release her sixth studio album, ‘The Truth About Love‘, in September under a new label, RCA Records, after her original was disbanded. Her wild character and daring performances have gained the singer a lot of respect and many are excited for her return, but one cannot wonder if motherhood has tamed the rebel? Well, if the first cut, ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)‘, is anything to go by, then we can rest assured that P!nk has not changed a bit.

The rude joke juxtaposed with romance in the single’s title should be enough to convince us that P!nk’s ladette character is still intact, but no one can resist a listen. Like most of her more energetic work, ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)‘, has a lively soundscape abundent with dancing synths and indie-inspired guitars led by an aggressive beat. The dance-rock combination gives the pop song an edge that matches the singer’s own making it a vigorous listen that is almost exhausting. It possesses the same power that we have always seen from P!nk as her raw vocals are captivating. Like the title, the lyrics are crude; P!nk juggles her sense of humour with her more sensitive side giving the song a roller-coaster-effect that does not shy away from complex truths. Simply, it is another play-ground argument with her love-interest.

It is a very strong comeback that has set the stage for the upcoming album. Powerful and upbeat, it is bound to appeal to old and new fans. It will be available for download from iTunes 2nd September.


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