Karmin’s ‘Brokenhearted’

2 Aug

After their success over in the USA, the engaged couple that form Karmin have decided to release their hit single, ‘Brokenhearted‘, here in the UK. And a good decision at that as it went to début at number 6 in last week’s charts. Although known more for their online covers, including Nicki Minaj’sSuper Bass and Chris Brown’sLook At Me Now, the duo have managed to spark a lot of interest outside the land of YouTube as ‘Brokenhearted‘ has managed to dance about the top 20 across the globe, hinting at a promising future. These examples may show Karmin in a more hip-hop dominated scene whilst Amy Heidemann’s voice and character is reminiscent of Ke$ha, but this original single actually shows the pair embracing a pop-orientated sound.

Simply, the track is bouncy and full of personality with its disco synths and playful beats making it a potential floor-filler. However, with the laid-back guitar strums, the soundscape is actually consistent with no real climax as the character stems purely from the vocals. Echoing ‘Call Me Maybe‘, but with more edge, the lyrics are pretty much straight to the point and honest; a telling of the frustrating transfer from casual into serious. “So let’s finish what we started / Don’t you leave me broken hearted tonight” she pleads in the chorus, but later admits in her rap, “This kinda thing doesn’t happen usually / I’m on the opposite side of it truthfully”.  Heidemann will either annoy with her quirkiness or not, but it is easy to see a Minaj  influence as her vocals boarder theatrical; especially with her raps and British “Cheerio”. The use of “cheerio” does, unfortunately, contradict the other lyrics as she is saying goodbye before she has even said “hello”, “I know you want it / So come and get it / Cheerio”. Read into it what you will.

If you’re looking for something fun and upbeat, then check out ‘Brokenhearted‘ below!


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