Camp Bestival 2012

1 Aug


Welcome To Wonderland

Organised by BBC Radio 1’s Rob Da Bank and sponsored by The Guardian, Camp Bestival has been suggested to be the biggest family-friendly festival in the UK; giving the circus a run for its money. Set in Dorset’s Lulworth Castle, it combines the excitement of a summer holiday in the country-side with the chaos of a music festival. Although more of a funfair with a country-show vibe than a music festival, Camp Bestival offers a wide range of entertainment that can appeal to any age. It was difficult to get bored but it helped if you have some face-paint and a bright tutu.

Jousting, live comedy, live music, national ballet auditions and political talks are  just a handful of the offerings, but Camp Bestival was alive with constant activity as children ran riot and the adults soaked up the sun beneath the brightly coloured flags and over-sized tulips. There was a feel of ‘Alice in Wonderland‘ with all the psychedelic chaos – providing the ultimate escape from reality – as the imagination and creativity were celebrated in the fancy-dress stalls and arts-and-crafts tents.

However, it was not all fun and games. With The Guardian’s involvement, there are bound to be more political aspects to the event. Fluffy bumble-bees wandered about asking for support whilst Oxfam and Amnesty campaigned about human rights – so it was not a complete escape from reality.

Lianne La Havas

The leading attraction, however, was the main-stage that saw many characters grace the crowds with their presence. Leading children’s entertainer, Mr Tumble caused hysteria amongst the over-excited children, but Rizzle Kicks caused the most mayhem. People of all ages swarmed around the main-stage as the pair set the party-mood with their effervescent characters and jazzy soundscapes. The real party began when the sun went down and the head-liners, Kool And The Gang, closed the show on Saturday night. The disco spirit dominated the event when the adults adopted afros and glittery flares as they busted out some 70s-style moves. Other leading performers included Chic featuring Nile Rodgers, Lianne La Havas, Rolf Harris and Happy Mondays, whilst Jimmy Carr dominated the comdey stage. The airwaves were filled with a variety of mainstream genres that were bound to turn your head. La Havas was one of the most successful as her scratchy guitar riffs and soulful voice was hard to ignore. Harris also drew quite a crowd with his catchy melodies and playful character. There was something for everyone.

I would recommend Camp Bestival to any family looking for a change form the usual beach resorts and theme parks. It is a joyful weekend away that is bound to excite and thrill.

Summer Fun with the Morris Dancers

Let’s Get Political

Disco with Kool And The Gang


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