Green Day’s ‘Oh Love’

25 Jul


American punk-trio, Green Day have promised us that they will be making a massive comeback later this year with three albums. Of course no one has really got their hopes up, but instead been considerably sceptical – especially the original fans of the early days. ‘Oh Love‘ is the first cut from the trio and it has already received a lot of criticism from the alternative music world – as seen in NME – but some are still trying to remain positive – as seen in Rolling Stone.

The single is not quite a ‘monstrous’ comeback, but instead a timid display of playground romances. Far from the political exploitations of ‘American Idiot‘, Green Day are exploring their love-lives with this love song; “Oh love, won’t you rain on me tonight”. To many, it comes across as weak but the light melody and sugar coated lyrics will attract the younger generation and the more light-hearted of music fans. Billie Joe’s vocals come across as relatively safe with his gentle guitar strums in the opening verse, but as the bass and drums kick-in beside him the track gains a toe-tapping momentum that pulls it back into rock-territory.

Not quite a head-banger, but not without a beat, ‘Oh Love‘ is not the most impressive comeback the rock-world has seen. But of course it will still gain interest, especially as it went to the top of Billboard’s Rock Song Charts. Currently I have found no information about its UK release, but you can check it out below.


One Response to “Green Day’s ‘Oh Love’”

  1. jns6971 July 26, 2012 at 2:23 am #

    I really liked this article, good information. I actually just wrote an article about this song and also the up coming albums. This song could have been better but I’m still really excited for their new stuff!

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