No Doubt’s ‘Settle Down’

24 Jul

It has been a decade since the alternative-pop band, No Doubt, dropped their fifth album ‘Rock Steady‘ and so the announcement of their return this September with ‘Push and Shove‘ has sent an electric current through the music world with many expressing excitement – including Lady Gaga. Known for playful soundscapes and infectious rhythms, many are expecting them to show the current chart-toppers how dance-jams are done. But if you cannot wait for September, then No Doubt has revealed their first single, ‘Settle Down‘, which will be available for purchase August 16th.

At six minutes long –  complete with an ominous intro and dreamy outro – ‘Settle Down‘ is reminiscent of the 90s as reggae, rock and dance provide an exotic character that makes it a summer song for all generations to enjoy. Alive with hooks, bouncy melodies and that infectious reggae vibe, it has a pop appeal that can get hips swinging on any dance-floor. Alongside this, the trance-like moments towards the final chorus and classic guitars add a touch of rawness  that will also make it a live-sensation at any gig – something seen already during their Teen Choice Awards performanceGwen Stefani’s vocals have not weakened over the years as she is still able to tastefully belt out her desperate lyrics as well as provide a fierce character with an island girl accent. The lyrics introduce a balance to the track as Stefani swaps between untouchable – “I’m fine / Nothing’s going to knock this girl down” – and vulnerable – “But you can see it my eyes, you can read on my lips / I’m trying to get a hold on this”.  It seems like a follow-on to their last single, ‘It’s My Life‘ (originally written by British band Talk Talk), in which this same balance was experimented with, but there is something more authentic in ‘Settle Down‘ as they reflect upon the last decade.

The band has managed to create a song that not only represents their traditional style but also appeals to the modern airwaves. There is that Bajan style seen in current pop-band Cover Drive, but also something old school and traditional that the charts are screaming for. But how will they do in August as they go up against current pop-diva Rita Ora and her new single ‘How We Do (Party)‘? I guess we will just have to wait, but in the meantime, check out the single below!


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