The Killers’ ‘Runaways’

19 Jul

It has been four years since Las Vegas based rock-band The Killers dropped their third album ‘Day &Age‘, but after this hiatus, they are finally ready to release a fourth album. ‘Battle Born‘ is due for release this September and the expectations are high; with already three number one albums under their belts, there is a lot for it to live up to.

The leading single, ‘Runaways‘, was revealed this week and it has done nothing more than to cause excitement and to raise the bar; could this be their grand return?

With their influences rooted in Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Born To Run‘, the single is set to be one of the summer’s leading alternative songs. Far from the more pop-based ‘Mr Brightside‘ but more upbeat than ‘When You Were Young‘, ‘Runaways‘ boarders on classic rock in terms of style but it still follows the theme of troubled relationships against a Las Vegas backdrop. It starts off with a stripped down and mellow soundscape but quickly gains enough momentum to carry it forth through the fairytale beginning and into the more realistic ending. The guitars are edgy and lively with the drums providing an energetic beat to infect a listener’s limbs giving the single an excited and anxious atmosphere. Brandon Flowers’ vocals are consistently strong as he belts out amidst the explosive final chorus: “and we’re all just runaways”! There is a desperation about it as well as a sadness that is glossed over tastefully by the electric soundscape, giving it an oddly uplifting vibe. Emotional but controlled, it is a powerful single with an explosive and bright backdrop; a teenager’s love life immersed in the chaotic setting of Las Vegas.

It is a classic that will be placed high in The Killers’ discography, and will no doubt lead the album back to the top spot this September.


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