Rita Ora’s ‘How We Do (Party)’

15 Jul

Rita Ora’s début single, ‘R.I.P.’, saw the British singer hit the top of the charts with ease. Her bubbly personality and fierce voice has seduced music lovers and critics alike as she prepares for the release of her début album, ‘O.R.A.’ – due this September. As ‘R.I.P.‘ has now left the charts after weeks of dancing about the top ten, Ora has decided to release her second cut titled ‘How We Do (Party)‘. The single acted as her American and Australian début and managed to peak high in the charts, but now it is to act as her follow-up here in the UK this August. But will it be the same chart topper as her début?

After the spicy and daring first single, ‘How We Do (Party)‘ is a more laid back and carefree floor filler. Instead of coming across as a sexy señorita, Ora is instead portrayed as an outgoing youth that loves to party with the chant “I wanna party and bullshit” acting as the track’s lifeline. That chant will be what makes this a hit; no one can resist the infectious anthemic vibe the bridge-line creates. There is an interesting lack of synths – the only example circling below the chorus  – as acoustic guitars and indie-inspired drums rule the soundscape, giving it an appealing edge that sets it out slightly from current party-anthems. Ora’s vocals are effortlessly strong throughout as she bounces from the cheeky verses to the carefree chorus with ease. Honest lyrics about her messy lifestyle alongside a love interest, illustrates a sense of pure enjoyment; a life without worries no matter how intoxicated you are – “we’re tearing up the town, ’cause that’s just how we do”.

On the surface it is another dance song about drugs, sex and rock ‘n’ roll, but the edgy rock influence and attractive vocals set Ora above current chart toppers. The carefree vibe is an infectious one and the chant will make this a thrilling ear worm; it is a difficult one to ignore.

The single will be available for purchase August 12th.


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