Stooshe’s ‘Black Heart’

26 Jun

Three-piece London girl-group, Stooshe, brightened up the pop charts with their first official single, ‘Love Me‘ (ft. Travie McCoy), in March as music fans and critics found their vibrant sense of fashion and fierce attitudes hard to ignore. The single managed to peak at five on the official charts, as the single was considered fun and dangerous but not edgy enough to push them to the top spot. ‘Black Heart‘ is the latest cut from their September self-titled album, showing the three strong ladies in a more weakened state but, still, filled with fire.

The soulful voices glow throughout the track, as the girls display a striking set of vocals. There is a rawness about them that enhances the track’s drama alongside the accusing and desperate lyrics; “Daddy, I’ve fallen for monster” they belt out in the explosive chorus. Motown-inspired, it is a track abundant with toe-tapping  beats and smooth piano melodies. There is an authenticity about it that accompanies the rawness, giving it a sharp edge that will strike any listener. After ‘Love Me‘ it appears to show a softer side to these aggressive girls, but by the end of the song it is clear in their intense vocals and upbeat backdrop that they are quite capable of taking care of themselves. It is all at once touching, desperate, fierce and almost victorious.

Catchy and over-flowing with soul, it is a song that could set these girls on the path to pop-success. Alongside their previous single, it has caused a lot of excitement for their album, one that is bound to be attitude laden and diverse in style.



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