Katy Perry’s ‘Wide Awake’

17 Jun

Two years ago Katy Perry released her third studio album, ‘Teenage Dreams‘, which has been received phenomenally well, taking Perry on the extraordinary journey that will act as the foundation of her upcoming film, ‘Katy Perry: Part Of Me‘. After a divorce and setting records that equal Michael Jackson, Perry is bringing the ‘Teenage Dream‘ era to an end with her final single taken from the re-released edition, ‘The Complete Confection‘.

The single, ‘Wide Awake‘, is set for an official release July 1st with the official music video due this week.

The trailer for the single says it all, as it builds upon Perry’s personal and professional journey, causing critics to ask the question, “is Katy Perry growing up?” The fairytale theme may seem a little cliché, but it works brilliantly as it works with the typical mentality of Perry’s young audience. Ultimately, the single is about the realities of a break-up and the harsh truths that accompany heart-ache. However, it is not a single that is asking for sympathy but instead it promises a rebirth; “I am born again//Out of the lion’s den”. Led by a steady beat and built up by some rippling guitar synths, it is a slow-paced pop-ballad that offers a glimpse into the more sophisticated side of Perry. Critics have stated that the single is Perry’s movement into a more mature artist, and I do personally agree. It is a beautiful and easy listen that is both timid and strong, creating a striking atmosphere. There is a reliance on an echoing-effect that adds to the uncertainty; it is foggy and distant in some places but once again strong to bring forward Perry’s mental battle. The production, by Dr Luke, is stunning as the song has a comforting flow with all its features working in complete harmony.

Overall, it is an emotional end to the ‘Teenage Dream‘ era as Perry finally moves along burdened with life’s lessons. What will she do next?


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