Adam Lambert’s ‘Never Close Our Eyes’

15 Jun

Since competing on American Idol, Adam Lambert has been on a mission to prove that a runner-up is just as capable of building a stable music career as those that place first. ‘Trespassing‘ is Lambert’s second album, and débuted in the number one spot in America, but the single,  ‘Never Close Our Eyes‘, has been unable to reach a high place in America. So how will it do over here? The single is written by Bruno Mars, and produced by The Smeezingtons and Dr Luke, so it should possess all the ingredients to make it a successful and powerful pop hit.

Mars’ talent with words gives the single its power as the lyrics prove to be both touching and gripping, leaving a listener with goosebumps whilst aiming to be inspiring; “There’s plenty of time to sleep when we die.” However, it is made for the dance floor with the heavy beats and edgy synths contrasted against an acoustic that hides within the bridge-line. Lambert provides the single with a huge dose of drama. His vocals are clear and powerful against the throbbing and energetic musical backdrop, enforcing the dramatic atmosphere. Against Mars’ demo, it is quite a commotion because Mars is, in way, sophisticated due to his more coarse and haunting voice; but this is not a bad thing. The overwhelming drama is what leads the song, what captivates the listeners and plants the lyrics into their heads to get those toes tapping. It is a typical Lambert piece; synth dominated music with heart-felt lyrics that creates a disco vibe.

Overall, it is a dramatic spectacle of talent; but it is not extraordinary. I did not think much of Lambert’s début, but I, admittedly, feel that this is definitely a better piece. It is cleaner and more straightforward than his previous releases, but it maintains the fierceness that led Lambert so far.

The album, ‘Trespassing‘, is set for release July 2nd with ‘Never Close Our Eyes‘ on June 24th. How do you think they will do in the charts? Check out the single below.


One Response to “Adam Lambert’s ‘Never Close Our Eyes’”

  1. Devorah Hayton June 29, 2012 at 3:16 pm #

    I might have to point out that Katy Perry is probably the greatest artists that we have got today. She’s excellent in singing.

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