Sneakbo’s ‘Sing For Tomorrow’ Ft. L Marshall

23 May

Last year was quite the roller-coaster ride for London rap-artist, Sneakbo, as he managed to dodge a prison sentence and build up a promising music career – ‘The Wave‘ being a hit single both online and on the radio –  supported by some of hip-hop’s leading names; Chipmunk and Drake being two. Later this year, he will release his début album, but not before giving the world a taste of what’s in store.

Sing For Tomorrow‘ is, simply, a hip-hop ballad of the tough life that Sneakbo has suffered – nothing out of the ordinary; all rap artists seem to have had a hard time. However, this lack of originality in the subject-matter is nothing of great concern for it is executed with perfection. The piano melody opens the track but continues to shine throughout despite the rock-inspired drums and acoustics. The gentle verses builds up around the fierce beat into a strong and heart-felt chorus accompanied by a choir section, giving the song a haunting, yet enchanting, effect. The contrast between the gentle and harsh sounds create a very uncertain and anxious atmosphere that just further draws any listener in; it is a very demanding sound. Sneakbo’s raps are slurred slightly, but nonetheless thoughtful and inspiring. The vocals provided by L Marshall build upon the desperation with a slight coarseness, with the power matching the backdrop. The overall effect is an infectious power that will fuel any listener with a huge dose of motivation.

Although hip-hop is not everyone’s cup of tea, it is nonetheless an impressive track all around. I personally prefer this to any of Sneakbo’s other work, and hope that he continues with this glowing sound. ‘Sing For Tomorrow‘ is available for purchase June 11th; check it out below.


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