Aiden Grimshaw’s ‘Is This Love’

22 May

Although he did not go on to win the seventh cycle of The X Factor – despite being a favourite – Aiden Grimshaw has not given up the fight to become an established member of the music industry. A little while a go, he announced that he will be releasing his début album this August titled ‘Misty Eye‘. ‘Is This Love‘ is the first single to be released from the album, a taster of what the young hopeful has to offer, and has been streamed about the internet since. It is definitely a track that is going to put Grimshaw’s name out there for it possesses all the contagious qualities of a mainstream tune but with a few unique twists to help him stand out.

It is predominately a dubstep piece; an infusion of drum and bass with some contemporary electro. The bass is the heaviest feature with the drums boosting the fierce atmosphere that accompanies the genre. Throughout, there are numerous synths that brightens up the backdrop with an 80’s disco feel. Grimshaw’s vocals are the most stunning and attractive feature as he showcases an impressive range, showing his voice is without limits. He is able to go from a low and soft verse into a high and striking chorus that glows. The classical vocals and fierce backdrop make ‘Is This Love‘ a considerably powerful track that will probably be a favourite for club-goers. Its atmosphere is both romantic and bitter, as the subject comes to terms with the ambiguities of human emotions, meaning it will be a potential favourite for the younger generation.

It is quite a good début. Yes, it is nothing strikingly original but there is a beautiful quality – thanks to the vocals – that can set Grimshaw apart from other artists. ‘Is This Love’ is available for purchase from June 3rd. Check it out below!


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