Carrie Underwood’s ‘Good Girl’

6 May

Carrie Underwood has quite the reputation for being a fierce female with an extraordinary voice as she paints country music with a fresh coat of attitude. Her songs have often been typical of country music whilst she showcases excellent vocal talents that is considered by many as mind-blowing. ‘Good Girl‘ is the leading single released from her upcoming forth studio album, ‘Blown Away‘, and shows no signs of slowing down; instead it show signs of upping the attitude as Underwood maintains her strong personality.

An upbeat drum and edgy guitar provide the foundations with Underwood’s vocals holding the piece together. The vocals are the most notable element of the track; they are raw and powerful, demanding attention and exuding attitude but she manages to keep it under control giving it a clean effect. The lyrics are crafted with a lot of feminine imagery that reflect fairy tales but also with a huge amount of girl-power as Underwood warns of the deceiving habits of some men; “His lips are dripping honey but he’ll sting you like a bee”. There is a great flow in the lyrics with a melody that boarders on anthem; a sing along tune. Alongside the catchy vocals, the track also has a very hypnotic rhythm with the steady drum beat and claps that gives it a very typical country vibe that is impossible to ignore. The guitars give it a fierce rock twist that only emphasises the attitude. It has an overwhelming atmosphere that draws in the listener, whether from her seductive vocals or the edgy musical backdrop it is a song that will find a way to make you listen.

I personally love this song, there is not much I can say other than that it is a very powerful and excellently produced song worth checking out. Listen to it below:


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