Nina Nesbitt’s ‘The Apple Tree’ EP

30 Apr

Nina Nesbitt is a young singer-song-writer from Scotland who gained a lot of attention, like most, from her YouTube videos in which she covered songs by Ed Sheeran and others.  This week, Nesbitt released her EP, ‘The Apple Tree‘, after supporting Sheeran on his European Tour and it has caught the attention of a few as it made its way to number one on the iTunes’ Singer/Song-writer chart. She has adopted a sound that strongly echoes Sheeran but the authentic sounds in the acoustics and raw vocals is welcomed, making the EP a collection of simple, sweet songs. The overall sound is very minimal but the effect is captivating, with Nesbitt’s powerful voice standing out amidst the acoustics and delicate piano melodies. In places it is youthful and bright but in others it is heart-breaking and mature; a wonderful balance that is unexpected from such a young musician.

The title track, ‘The Apple Tree‘, opens with an upbeat, folk sound that draws you in. It is very bouncy as the drums are the dominate feature with Nesbitt’s strong vocals over-top. There is a catchyness that emphasises the element of youth, especially with Snow White imagery and the string of ‘oh-oh’s that flow through the chorus. ‘Seesaw‘ follows as the ups and downs of a relationship are illustrated by play-ground memories. It is not as up-beat as the opening but there is still a strong folk-foundation that will still get toes tapping away. It is a gentle and sweet song, but not as striking as the next. ‘Hold You‘ is a beautiful, minimalist piece that will provide its listener with goose-bumps. The piano and the excellent vocals give a classical atmosphere making it a stunning ballad that is just a pleasure to experience. Next is ‘Only You‘, possessing an element of pop with the brightness and clear chorus, but there is a alternative twist to it that provides a unique character. Bouncy and youthful, it is considerably playful in it’s composition. The EP closes with the pretty ‘Make Me Fall‘. It is another ballad-type that is both gentle and powerful, dominated by a classical piano accompanied by a sleepy drum.

It is an EP I would definitely recommend because it is both gentle and powerful; an impressive display of musical talent that anyone can appreciate.

Here is a taste for you:


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