Marina and The Diamonds’ ‘Primadonna’

26 Apr

Primadonna‘ was one of the other new entries in the UK singles’ charts this week, débuting at number 11. Marina Lambrini Diamandis – stage name being Marina and The Diamonds – is a welsh singer that saw chart success with her official début album, ‘The Family Jewels‘, back in 2009. Marina’s next album, ‘Electra Heart’, is set for release on April 30th and ‘Primadonna‘ is the first official single to be revealed and available for purchase. The single has a received considerably mixed reviews, appearing to be a song you will either like or not.

I have to admit; I had never heard of Marina and The Diamonds before I heard ‘Primadonna‘ air on the radio last week and I honestly thought it was a new single by Katy Perry. There is a striking similarity between these artists but Marina probably does display a wider range of vocal abilities; a diversity in her multiple voices that echo Nicki Minaj. It portrays her as a bold and dramatic kind of performer. She has a wonderfully strong sound that boarders on operatic, and this is what makes her different from Perry who tends to keep it safe. However, the musical side of the song takes her back to generic pop with the overdose of electronic beats and grinding synths. There are welcomed moments when the electronic noises allow some percussion and guitar strums through but the backing is extremely over-produced making it another piece that will get lost in a club DJ’s playlist. There is a lot of attitude in the song in which Marina expresses her awareness of an ego and hinting at being pretty selfish. There is nothing really unique or impressive about ‘Primadonna‘ other than Marina’s excellent display of vocal control which is unfortunately drowned out.

It doesn’t really do much for me, although it is rather catchy in places, but do check it out below and make up your own mind.


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