B.o.B’s ‘So Good’

24 Apr

This week saw B.o.B’s latest single, ‘So Good‘ debut at number 7 on the UK singles charts as we finally get to sample the more radio-friendly side of his new album; echoing previous hits ‘Nothin’ On You‘ (featuring Bruno Mars) and ‘Airplanes‘ (featuring Hayley Williams). ‘So Good‘ is the third single to be taken off his second studio album, ‘Strange Clouds‘ (set for release 1st May), and differs quite significantly from the other releases that focused on the more heavy hip-hop/rap side of Bobby Ray’s style.

This track echoes ‘Nothin’ On You‘ in subject matter and its effervescent sound. It is on the surface an appreciation of his latest love interest and even ups the romantic level with lyrics littered with references to Europe and Renaissance artists. Comparing himself to the likes of Michelangelo (no, not the turtle) B.o.B is showing-off his various skills – creative and social – without worrying about modesty; at the end of it all it is a song about how good his life is. However, it is quite clever and still very romantic despite his ego; comparing his girlfriend to the finest art created and showing a willingness to make her happy definitely softens his character giving the track a tasty coat of sugar. If the romantic theme was not enough to satisfy your sweet tooth then the musical side will. The pop element is hard to miss with the contagious bouncy beat and a melody hooked with a string of ‘na-la-la’s that will go down well at live shows. Following the playful piano is a strong percussion accompanied by a couple of synths that give it back some hip-hop flavour to stop it being too pop.

It is a bright, energetic and upbeat single that will find a way to get into your head and get those toes tapping. Check it out for yourself:


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