Conor Maynard’s ‘Can’t Say No’

23 Apr

Now, we could start this with a game of spot the difference with Conor Maynard on one side and Justin Bieber on the other as many critics have already done, but that may be a little too mean. Maynard is the latest youth to be taken under the wings of some of the industry’s biggest names – Ne-yo and Pharell Williams for example – and moulded into a more controlled ‘teen heart-throb’ that does indeed rival Bieber in many ways; and not just because he has the British charm. Maynard’s début single, ‘Can’t Say No‘. has managed to stay high in the charts (this week kept off the top spot by Carly Rae) since it’s release last week and has caught the attention of numerous members of the music community.

It is a cheeky song that embraces youth and the sexual tensions that come with being a teenager. The lyrics are very typical of the pop-genre with lines such as “girls,girls, girls” and “Houston, I think we’ve got a problem” making it a very sugary piece of writing with a touch of spice. Based on these lyrics alone, it is clear that Maynard does not want to fall into the same tween-pop trap as Bieber did, but instead wants to define a more mature and sophisticated sound that will appeal to an older generation, thus expanding his audience. It does echoes Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend‘ but ‘Can’t Say No‘ definitely wins with being much more ‘grown-up’ and daring. In terms of vocals, Maynard is set for a bright future with a crisp, strong voice that can stretch over numerous genres, but would work exceedingly well in a ballad. The musical structure of the single seems to be influenced by the basses of dubstep but with a very distinct hip-hop beat, giving it an infectious vibe that could work well in clubs after a little remix. Overall, it is a very fun song that grabs your attention with its boucy beats and catchy melody, leaving you with the desire to play it just one more time.

Check it out below:


One Response to “Conor Maynard’s ‘Can’t Say No’”

  1. Next Stop, Willoughby April 23, 2012 at 10:12 am #

    I shouldn’t have clicked on the song because I kind of like it.

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