Lawson’s ‘When She Was Mine’

21 Apr

They have been argued to be the next Busted or McFly, but UK boyband, Lawson, are proving to possess a much more sophisticated image with excellent skills and maturity causing some to dub them a ‘man-band’ compared to the likes of One Direction and You Me At Six. After their successful stripped-down covers online and performances in support of The Wanted and Take That, Lawson are finally trying to establish their place in the industry with a defined individual sound. Their début album is set for release late-summer as they continue recording in studios in Los Angeles, but they have given fans a glimpse by releasing their lead single ‘When She Was Mine‘ (available for purchase May 27th).

When She Was Mine‘ is a very bright and upbeat song despite the lyrical focus on heartache. The style is a harmonious infusion of catchy pop and laid-back indie thanks to the old-school guitar sequences and controlled drums alongside some beautiful vocals. The vocals and coherent flow in the composition bring forth the pop element making it a radio-friendly track, whereas the rock foundations allow the indie twist to set Lawson apart from the current boybands/groups dominating the charts with their display of mature aesthetics with a little edge to them. There is a smartness about the four-piece band that gives it a depth that can be enjoyed by all ages and all audiences. It is not overly produced, either, and considerably stripped-down, and it is this simplicity that gives it appeal as an easy-song to listen to as well as showing them to be promising as a live-performance. In terms of lyrics; the subject matter is definitely one that will attract a lot of youth but the meaningfulness and personal touch will allow it to be appreciated by an older audience as it awakens memories of young love. The vocals leading the track are stunning; strong and striking making it a sensational piece of music.

Based on this first single, Lawson are set for a bright furtire if the rest of the album follows with such maturity and wonderful display of musical talent. The details of the album have yet to be confirmed but their fans are waiting loyally, full of excitement.

Enjoy the music video for ‘When She Was Mine’ below:


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