Rita Ora’s ‘R.I.P.’ (Featuring Tinie Tempah)

20 Apr

After the success of DJ Fresh’sHot Right Now’, the leading vocalist is setting out to make a name for herself with a solo-career in mainstream music. Rita Ora released her UK début single and music video ‘R.I.P.‘, featuring UK rapper, Tinie Tempah, at the beginning of the month (the single being available for purchase May 6th), and the reactions have been considerably mixed.

Signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, Ora is actually a British singer/songwriter that is set to infuse the sounds of English electro-pop and American R&B with ‘R.I.P.‘ being written by Drake (who is admittedly Canadian, not American) but produced by Chase & Status . You would think that this collaboration would bring forth a pretty unique and fresh sound but Ora has faced a lot of criticism for being too much like Rihanna; something that is not helped by the fact that the song was actually intended for Rihanna’s ‘Loud‘ album. It is probably unfair to compare this young artist with a more experienced and established one, but the similarities are very striking in terms of appearance/fashion and the strong vocals; some have even called it a second-hand ‘Talk That Talk‘ featuring Jay-Z .

R.I.P.‘ is a strong début that is upbeat and powerful in composition and subject-matter. About the struggles within a new relationship mixed with an intruding ex, it is definitely a song that will attract a lot of teenagers and scorned women; but it is the overall sound and Ora’s vocals that give it any sort of appeal. Ora displays a striking vocal talent that is effortlessly sexy but it does not ‘boom’ with a deep power; there is a delicacy in her voice that adds a prettiness to the single. The bridge vocals, however, give it a soulful twist that verges on gospel-choir giving it a classical atmosphere. Tempah provides his strong London dialect that exudes confidence, emphasising the ferocity that thunders through the track. The music is abundant with heavy synths and guitars with a slow beat underneath that gives hip-hop a taste of dubstep making it a very edgy sound that is attention-grabbing. It is not pushing any borders, but it is a very strong single that is bound to do well in the charts upon it’s release – it has the infectious/catchy element of pop but also the fierce and confident image of R&B; ingredients that all add up to successful début.

Check out the music video below:


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