Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Call Me Maybe’

12 Apr

Last week’s UK Official Charts saw an unexpected Number One steal the spotlight from Justin Bieber’sBoyfriend and Usher’sClimax‘. At the age of 26, Carly Rae Jepson, is keeping in touch with the teenage spirit through the catchy and fluffy-pop tune that is ‘Call Me Maybe‘. Spotted by Selena Gomez and signed with Bieber, it is no surprise that this Canadian songwriter was able to win over numerous pop-princesses and music lovers, turning her into an internet phenomenon with the fastest selling single of 2012.

Call Me Maybe‘, taken from her EP ‘Curiosity‘, is at first a song you want to hate simply because of the sickening cuteness, but it proves to be just too irresistible and refreshing. It is refreshing in that it is great not to have a chart dominated by club-anthems and sad ballads but instead lead by a simple, uncluttered and youthful rhythm that is boosted by a positive vibe. This self-penned tune is bound to give any audience a sugar rush, despite the slight grammatical error, providing a perfect sing-along atmosphere that rivals Disney. A steady drum is coherent throughout giving it that infectious beat but the strings dominate the sound adding a romantic feel to the overall bouncy rhythm; it has a clear-cut harmony that only adds to it’s attractive image.

The music video is deserving of a mention. It brings to light Jepsen’s carefree and humorous character that adds to the youthfulness and freshness of the song. The comical structuring is bound to brighten up your day if the catchy pop-song doesn’t. Check it out below!


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