Justin Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend’

10 Apr

With a new album on the horizon, Justin Bieber’s followers have been driving the internet crazy with excitement and anxiety. To many,  the release would see more pre-mature, simplistic pop dominating the charts causing many moans and groans from the older generation of music lovers. It is no secret that Bieber is not really taken seriously by the general public despite being mentored by the iconic Usher and scooping-up countless awards across the globe; tweenpop is just not mature and creative enough to please everyone. However, his latest release has stunned everyone in both a positive manner and in a negative one.

Boyfriend‘ is the first single to be released from his upcoming album and has débuted at number 2 in the UK whilst receiving a variety of reactions. It is supposed to mark a progress in Bieber’s talents as he explores other genres and tries to establish a more mature musical identity. Anyone can see this, as the foundations for the track are predominately hip-hop with Bieber abandoning his child-like voice for a more adolescent sound as he takes up a fast-paced rap. There is something quite old-school about the overall sound that is reminiscent of the early Justin Timberlake, echoing the smoothness and hushed tones that surrounded the boy groups of the nineties – such as N Sync and Blue. The actual musical element, with the vocals aside, also mimics this progression from pop into hip-hop. The beats are steady and the music is minimalist with brief and lively melodies underlying the chorus. Previously, Bieber had relied on simple catchy tunes and his sweet voice to attract an audience, but in ‘Boyfriend‘ there seems to be more thought put into the musical composition with the reliance being on texture and beat – undoubtedly showing an improvement in Bieber’s musical awareness.

However, this positive progression is trumped by the lyrics. Here, tweenpop re-emerges with a sloppiness that tries to introduce the lingo of hip-hop with children’s movies; a pointless and almost irritating combination excelled by a twitching repetitiveness. It shows a lack of creativity that makes one believe that the production was rushed. It shows a laziness. Mature sounds and childish lyrics do not go well together. This will stifle Bieber’s growth, and if he wants a more successful career then the 18 year old needs to be more aware of what he says as well as how he says it. Yes there are signs of maturity – which will hopefully flow through the entire album and not be lost in this one track – but he is still young and still has a lot to learn.

Check out the track below;


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