Gossip’s ‘Perfect World’

10 Apr

This May will see American Indie trio, Gossip, release their fifth studio album titled ‘Joyful Noise‘. The first single, ‘Perfect World‘ was unveiled early in March, but the group only released the music video last week, once again rousing excitement about their comeback. Originally known for a focus on punk with a gospel twist, the trio have – with the help of Brian Higgins – altered their style slightly with the new release. Fans have taken to it positively as it is being viewed as a progress towards a more matured musical image; a refinement of their style.

Perfect World‘ does indeed portray a very mature and refined style of music in that it brings multiple sounds into harmony. Beth Ditto‘s voice possesses a captivating power that, despite being coarse in places, adds a haunting element to the track as it introduces a gospel-like atmosphere. The musical layers of the single bring in an old-school rock melody with an electro-pop filling held together with a steady drum beat. The compositions are simple keeping the instrumental displays at a minimum to allow Ditto’s vocals to embody the full force of  the song. The lyrics are touchingly meaningful, working well with the powerful vocals but also simplistic with short lines that echo the stripped down feel of the song. Overall, it is a very powerful sound that is both laid-back and catchy, giving the impression that the whole album will possess the same enchanting quality with a retro touch on their traditional punky image.

Check out the music video below:


One Response to “Gossip’s ‘Perfect World’”

  1. kevincorcoranjr April 12, 2012 at 5:30 am #

    gossip! the ultimate sing-along pop package right now. the video for perfect world is so intriguing, i love the ominous tone throughout the film. the quick shots of the intense drum parts get me so amped! i really can’t wait for the new cd… just about a month away!

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