Scissor Sisters’ ‘Only The Horses’

6 Apr

This morning saw the début of the newest single by Scissor Sisters, ‘Only The Horses‘. It is the first single to be released off their fourth studio album, ‘Magic Hour‘, which is set to be released May 28th and predicted to be this Summer’s soundtrack. Scissor Sisters have been fronting the modern disco-pop movement since 2001; created by the colourful and lively night-life of New York’s gay community. Their sound is all at once retro and contemporary making their catchy melodies and fast-pace beats an attractive choice for dance club DJs.

Powerful imagery within the complex, yet undoubtedly sexual, lyrics are supported by techno beats and hight noted melodies that create a clear-cut harmony that’s just perfect for the upcoming Summer. It possesses the retro  funk that follows the genre but relies on the foundations of contemporary dance music with the singer’s voice giving it an indie twist. ‘Only The Horses‘ is will be available to purchase May 13th, and I believe it will reach the top of the charts without any problem.

Check out the new single below!


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