Bad Meets Evil’s ‘Lighters’ (Ft. Bruno Mars)

18 Mar

So I have done it again. I have found a song that I really do enjoy listening to, but at the same time, I don’t like it. I know ‘Lighters‘ came out last Summer, but I have only just discovered it thanks to the Vevo App a friend recommended. Just like with Lil Wayne’s ‘Mirrors, it came to me because it features Bruno Mars, and just like ‘Mirrors‘, I am very unsure of how I should take it. It is such a contortion of sounds that it can appeal to a number of audiences but not without some sort of discomfort.

Based on sound alone, it is harmonious chaos; the ugly beauty of music. It does work though – this contrast of aesthetics – because it suits the song’s message; a message that is, unfortunately, overwhelmed by the sound and almost unnoticed. In a way it is the chorus, Mars’ contribution to the song, that saves the meaningfulness by bringing it forward. His voice is strong, providing clarity as every word is heard. The raps provided by Eminem and Royce, have a completely different effect – one has to really concentrate in order to actually hear the lyrics. As I mentioned in my ‘Mirrors‘ post, there is an unattractiveness in rap that challenges the classical aesthetics, this is the same in ‘Lighters’. Though the raps may not be harmonious, they are fierce and powerful; they demand the attention of the listeners. Alongside the vocals there is a beautiful piano melody that underlies the tracks accompanied by a powerful hip-hop beat that gives it a war-like effect. Above these is another layer, an electronic string of notes – presumably created by a key-board – that sounds so delicate in comparison to the rest of the composition; this particular layer adds a mystical effect, an effect that is not solid or concrete but friendly with the imagination.

There is a balance in the vocals and a balance in the music; it is balance that this song revolves around. Overall it is a song about finding harmony between one’s inner self and the outer world. ‘Lighters‘ is a great power song in this respect; one that everyone can relate to. The chorus is stunning, but the raps seem to lack creativity. There is too much raw emotion that lacks any artistic boundaries. It is a shame because the music video is very creative and shows their artistic capabilities; it makes the creation of the lyrics look lazy. If it is such a meaningful song, then there should be something more striking and sophisticated in the presentation of the lyrics. Nevertheless, I must admit that this ferocity supports the confidence and the strength that the rappers are trying to express making it a success.

Overall, it is a good song. It has a universal and uplifting effect that can provide a listener with motivation. There are signs of excellent creative skills but also less artistic elements that makes it appear rebellious. It is definitely worth checking out.


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