Miss A ‘Touch’

11 Mar

I had written this for Korean Candy but they appear to already have two reviews on the site for this album so I shall share it with you guys instead.

With the comeback of BigBang, many artists have been put a side and almost forgotten. Upon the release of ‘Touch’, however, Miss A was album to snatch a few weeks of success when they released the mini-album on the 19th of February. Over all it is a pretty good listen but there is something slightly different about this round. Their previous album, ‘A Class’, portrayed the girls in a fierce light as hip-hop was the dominating feature. Yet this album seems to have progressed and merged their image with another music genre; electro. I have noticed that this technique has become popular amongst K-pop performers and it is interesting to see how each individual group/artists are able to shape it to be unique. Admittedly, there is nothing unique or outstanding about ‘Touch’ as I found it conformed entirely to the elements of dance music; I can see the tracks becoming popular in clubs but unnoticed and merged with the rest of the DJ’s playlist. Nevertheless, it is still good in that it is fun and able to be infectious.

Here is a brief break down of the album:

Touch’ is the opening track as well as the title track. It is smooth and slow; not the sort of thing you would expect to grip the audience into listening to the rest of the album. Yet it does possess a steady beat that allows it to have some movement, some character. It is simple yet sweet; a good easy listen.

The second track, ‘Lips’, is much more upbeat and playful because it is a faster pace that suits the electro foundation. It is a fun song and one definitely made for the clubs but it does still have a slither of hip-hop that reminds us that this is Miss A.

Rock ‘n’ Rule’ and ‘No Mercy’ follow and I feel that these two have pretty much the same formula. They are much more feminine and ‘cute’ compared to my first memories of this girl group which is slightly concerning. Nevertheless that are both still possess that fun element that seems to be dominating this album. ‘Rock ‘n’ Rule’ is the most uplifting out of the two as ‘No Mercy’ adopts a more serious tone.

Over U’ rebuilds the sexy and fierceness of Miss A as it goes to the heart of electro. The repetitiveness is a very common feature of this genre which is part of the success for it makes it catchy. Once again it takes us back to the hip-hop also with a quick rap that probably could last longer for a better effect.

The album closes with a Newport remix of ‘Touch’. It is a slower version that brings the down of the electro hype. It is nothing special but welcome after all infectious beats and playfulness.  I think it is probably the better piece as it embodies hip-hop/R&B more than it does electro which makes it more sophisticated.


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