The BRIT Awards 2012

22 Feb

Last night saw Britain’s largest celebration of music with The BRIT Awards held at London’s O2 Arena. From the comfort of my sofa I watched the ceremony take place live on the T.V. as I am sure many did. It was an enjoyable event with a few excellent performances, but unfortunately it has not escaped criticism as the organisers slipped up and the actual awards were a little too predictable.

I think I will start with the bad side so then I am able to end on a more positive note that will not leave a foul taste (I hope). It is no surprise that Adele would be the big winner after bringing home six Grammy awards last week, but it still touched a nerve. I could not help but feel for her competition who I believe were actually more worthy of the recognition. Yes Adele has broken record after record, but as I mentioned in my Grammy post; she is not the boldest and most talented artist – all she has is her voice and unsophisticated attitude. However, I did cringe upon her being cut short by James Corden so that Blur could take the stage to prevent the show from overrunning and making the ITV News late – in fact the performance was cut off before the song’s end. The organisers could have done a better job really, events such as these are bound to overrun so they should of been prepared or the News could of at least had some manners; after all this thing only happens once a year. I was both shocked and amused by Adele’s reaction to the cut-off; sticking up her middle-finger in my opinion was not a good move, even if the organisers did deserve it. I also felt that Adele’s live performance of ‘Rolling in the Deep‘ was quite weak and I was quite disappointed; it seemed to lack that trademark power that has led her to all these awards. I guess her slower songs are better performed live than her more upbeat tracks.

The show was hosted by the legendary James Corden who I felt did a most incredible job. He was charismatic and witty, giving the event a huge dose of personality; unlike most of the award presenters who appeared bored, drunk and/or high (Plan B and George Michael were painful to watch as they slipped up). Corden definitely made the show worth watching; most hosts (especially those across the pond) tend to be fake and stiff but Corden was natural and smooth; a great entertainer.

There was also a wonderful variety of performances from many of the involved artists. Three particulars stood out and really took my breath away. Bruno Mars performed a new rendition of his hit single ‘Just the Way You Are‘; it was slowed down, smooth and classy. It showed his charming character whilst emphasising his musical abilities through being experimental and different. Ed Sheeran’s ‘Lego House‘ was a perfect display of musical talent as he captivated the entire audience using only his voice and guitar, ditching the classic suit for a simple tee; it was wonderful to watch – just a shame about all the over-the-top visuals in the background. Florence Welch – better known as Florence and the Machine – was by far the most impressive as she gave ‘No Light, No Light‘ a beautifully artistic touch. It was visually stunning and her voice was powerful – the whole performance leaving goosebumps with its haunting beauty. Of course all the performances had their own personalities and portrayed wonderful talent both in vocals, music and visuals. Blur was unsurprisingly outstanding and playful with their multiple song set – a set that was worth Adele’s cut-off. Coldplay set the energetic mood as they opened the show with ‘Charlie Brown‘. Rhianna got the the audience on their feet and on the party spirit with a colourful and artistic display of her single ‘We Found a Love‘. Based on the performances alone; it was a pretty incredible show.

But who won what?
Adele took home British Album of the Year for ‘21‘ as well the British Female Solo Artist Award – no surprises at all really. Newcomer Ed Sheeran was honoured with two awards, something that pleased me greatly for I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to his album. The awards were British Breakthrough Act and British Male Solo Artist. Coldplay won the British Group award and the legendary Foo Fighters were given the International Group award. The adorable but annoying One Direction were voted – by fans and not judges – as having produced the Best British Single with ‘What Makes You Beautiful‘. I guess I approve as it was a fan based award but there is still something not quite right about this. The award for International Male Solo Artist went to the one and only Bruno Mars. The International Female Solo Artist award was given to the strong Rhianna for the second year running. Both these artists have had a huge impact on the international music front and are quite worthy of the awards. Lana Del Rey was given the award for International Breakthrough Act. Personally she is not my cup of tea, but she has had good sales so I guess it was rightly given. The Critics Choice award went to the beautiful Emeli Sande. If you have not listened to her album yet, I suggest you do; it is stunning. The indie legends that are Blur were recognised for their phenomenal achievements and awarded the award for Outstanding Contribution to Music.

Overall it is a pretty good list; at least there is more than one name in it. I feel that this particular show was more successful than The Grammys but there could still have been a few things different. I look forward to seeing what this year holds for these artists and how many new faces we will see on this list next year; it should be good.


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