The BRIT Awards 2012 Nominees

26 Jan

Since the late 1970s, the BRIT Awards have been one of the most anticipated award ceremonies in Great Britain. It brings with it a sense of pride as it showcases the best this country has to offer as well as acknowledges those from across the seas who have captured the attention of the British public. On the 21st February, another round will be seen at London’s O2 Arena only a couple weeks after the prestigious Grammy Awards.The music industry is buzzing and entirely on edge as the standards have once again risen and no one can guess at who will win each award.

The list of nominees has some very big names on there as well as a few new faces. Most are very unsurprising. Adele for example, everyone wants a piece of her, her talent has made her the pride of Great Britain and she is of course most worthy of recognition. Nominated for Best Female Solo Artist, British Single (‘Someone Like You‘) and British Album of the Year (’21‘) surely she will not be going home empty handed. Her competition is, however, just as powerful as her voice. Florence and The Machine have been nominated for British Album of the Year also with ‘Ceremonials‘. This particular album has had many alternative and pop fans obsessed. It is perfection with its beautiful lyrics and powerful compositions. Florence has also been nominated for Best Female Solo Artist and I truly believe that she will be Adele’s toughest competitor. Another notable female is Jessie J who has had the pop world going crazy. She is fierce and colourfully – her daring attitude may have the other nominees shaking in their boots whilst she is currently ranking high in murmurous music charts. I am sorry to say that her fierceness is all she has – based purely on music, I do not think she will be so lucky in receiving an award. Although, do any of these strong females stand a chance against legend Kate Bush who has been nominated for Best Female Solo Artist. It is going to interesting to see who the leading lady will be this year.

I am very glad to see both Coldplay (British Group and British Album of the Year ‘Mylo Xyloto‘) and Arctic Monkeys (British Group) on the list. Seeing these names have sparked some nostalgia as they are undoubtedly legends in the world of British Alternative – it is good to see that they are still going strong and remaining very influential. However they are each up against other powerful groups who have received a phenomenal amount of attention over the past year – Kasabian and Elbow are both notable bands that so many cannot get enough of. I cannot even begin to guess who will win this battle of the bands.

I know that for many it is no surprise to see Ed Sheeran nominated for four awards – British Male Solo Artist, British Breakthrough Act, British Single (‘The A Team’) and British Album of the Year (‘+‘). His name and poster have been all over Britain, no one can escape him – and quite rightly – he is a very talented musician. In the Best Male Solo Act category, however, he is up against another legend – James Morrison. It will be most interesting to see who comes out on top. In the other categories, Sheeran does still have a significant amount of competition. The British Breakthrough Act holds names such as Jessie J and Critics Choice winner Emeli Sandé. Sandé is a most powerful name with extraordinary pieces of music behind her that arguable echoes that of Adele. Further competition is seen in the British Single award in which we see boy group legends JLS, The Wanted and One Direction battling it out in this fan based award along side Sheeran, Adele and Jessie J.

There is very little surprise on the International side of the awards either. You can only imagine my joy at seeing Bruno Mars nominated for International Male Solo Artist. Last year he was overlooked as Justin Bieber took home the International Breakthrough Act Award. David Guetta and Bon Iver are two other notable names in the category that may prove to be strong competition for the hooligan. Which male will dominate with a successful invasion? International Female Solo Artist is another fierce category with Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Rhianna all raising eyebrows. International Breakthrough Act also witnesses a tough battle with the haunting Lana Del Rey against Grammy nominee Nicki Minaj, The Foster People and Bon Iver.

It is going to be a very interesting night with some amazing performances including Adele, Bruno Mars, Blur, Rhianna and many more. What I have discussed here is very brief. There are many more names on that list of nominations and many questions to ask. For now though, all we can do is play a guessing game and send our best wishes to all the contestants.

Can any of you guess who is going to come out on top?

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